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Make Each Day A New Horizon

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The Hike Called Life…

This part of my Journey began when I lost 75% percent of my memory in a scooter accident in Bali, Indonesia 6 years ago. It’s been a long hike through some nasty mountain ranges to get to this point. The point where I could talk about it.

Concussions are a weird things in the way they can literally vanish your life in a moment. You wake up roll out of bed and notice 75% of your house is missing, and then check and realize 75% of your bank account is gone. You wake up and can’t remember what the name of that thing is your staring at, or what your supposed to use it for. When you ate, if you drank anything today, or if you need to use the bathroom. It’s intense having your brain wiped and having to rebuild your operating system, as an adult, with the mind of a child. It’s been a deeply humbling experience to live through.

The flip side of a concussion is it can also give back everything it takes, and even more if you are willing to dig deep, and sit in hard places. You must refuse to quit. Relaxing into the universes hands takes courage.

For a long time I had to survive the concussion, then I started finding ways to use my heart to think with. Now it somehow feels the two are merging. I am starting to see the other side of the pain, and suffering I went through for years. I am starting to see how strong it’s made me. How fierce my dedication to being kind is. How important living from my heart has become, because of what I went through. I am finally having days where I feel like I am exploding into some newer version of myself that I don’t even comprehend. There are still shit days, there will undoubtedly be more. The slow strength I have developed is slowing turning in granite, and when I need to launch myself through things, I know that strength will propel me forward. When I am through this year, my goal is to be able to hike 20+ mile day. There will be a hike somewhere at the completion of the chapter of this year, and I am really, looking forward to it.

It was only recently that I decided it was time to finally open up, and start writing about my challenges, experiences, plans, and passions. I met “Mountain Goat,” while I was driving across Canada last summer. She inspired me to open up, and start this blog. She is an adventurous nut, and inspires me to go for it!

There is a point and time in every Journey that you have to block out the noise, and your doubt and just move forward. Now is that point and time for me.

“Once you learn the art of relaxation everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly.” ~Amma

Many adventures to come, time to make a plan, and watch it unfold.

Enjoying the flow,


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