Trail Marker – Mile 1 – Music, Hike, Bike?

Space is not a place, but the freedom to exhale yourself into each second as it occurs.

Emptiness is not a threat, but the fruitfulness of every moment. In this moment is everything.

Why Music, Hike, Bike?


My love for music began when my mother started placing her headphones on her stomach every night when I was just a wee watermelon in her stomach. I can still remember the vibrations, and hear the sounds from the records she used to play. I fell in love the first time I FELT music. Music was the first thing I can remember consciously knowing. I started playing the drums when I was 5 (technically quacker oat boxes filled with rocks and sand, pot lids, all set up like a mini Drumset!). Rhythm has been my trusted friend, constant companion, and a compass through life. I play anything I can bang on Drumsets, Djembes, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Timpani, Hang drums. My love affair with music has never faded. Sound and Rhythm are two of my favorite forms of oxygen.


I did some great camping as a kid with my dad. We had our favorite mountains and we traversed them together with our back packs till I was about 10. We would hike in silence for hours often times, and then for no apparent reason my dad would randomly start acting ridiculous, dancing around like a goof, and cracking jokes (that I didn’t usually get). A random dance competition between us happened several times, and I am pretty sure we scared every animal within a 10 mile radius of us away. Thinking back, all our hooping and hollering must have really been a ridiculous sight. We are both pretty ridiculous given the right opportunity. My dad is an adventurous guy, a mans man, worked on the apollo rocket, was a brilliant mechanic, an amazing musician, loves dogs more than humans, and makes a mean bowl of Oatmeal. He will always be a big time nature lover. I miss the scary stories over a campfire, jumps in freezing cold crystal clear lakes, and mountain lions walking around our tent. Those were moments I will always remember, and cherish.

My mom was the same way, she’d go hiking in Yosemite for weeks by herself. I don’t think my dad knew what to think when he met her, she definitely gave him a run for his money. She was a musician, had an amazing voice, could rebuild a VW bug engine in an afternoon, and she kinda just shined everywhere she went. People loved her. There were a lot of days I can kind of half remember with my mom, that were like perfect summer days in the mountains. When she passed on from breast cancer I was 14. I just remembered feeling like I lost my best friend for life. I have missed her every day since. She was a badass, extremely talented, and the kindest person I have ever known. I was very lucky to have her for the 14 years I did. She taught me a lot, especially about love.

It’s been a long time since I have been in the mountains for an any extended amount of time. I haven’t camped nearly enough since my adolescence, not until last summer when I went to Canada. I fell in love with the Rockies, one trail to the next, and a couple long treks later I found that place/space inside myself that I had felt when I was a kid camping with my dad. Sitting, dangling my legs over the side of a Mountain, free, and completely at peace. I ended up staying in Rocky mountains a lot longer than I intended. When it was time to go back to California it felt like I was being ripped away from apart of myself that I had lost, and desperately needed. So yes, the mountains… I need them. To boot I met a beautiful girl with a giant heart, that’s inspired me like no one ever has. I had my first kiss all over again, and I think I was very lucky, because she is a pretty good kisser 😉


I learned to ride my bike before I learned to walk. The first time I road my tricycle I was 3, and I was allowed to ride my tricycle in the house. Believe me when I say I turned it into my own private Autobahn track! A lot of toes, and paws ran in desperation when I would come tearing through blind corners around the house. When I wasn’t playing music growing up, I was on my bike flying up and down hills in my neighborhood, and eventually all over my city. My Bike inspired and fed my already curious nature to reach out, and taught me to push myself, and be fearless. I fell in love with finding new places to explore every weekend. Adventure after adventure, wind at my back, sun in my face. I fell in love with the journey. I fell in love with propelling myself to a new place to sit, and watch the sun go down.

There are Mountains to climb, songs to write, and roads my bike needs to see. With adventurous in the heart and on the horizon I am determined to grow, and remember all the things I learn along the way.


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