Thru-Hiking Gear

In no particular order, some gear ideas I am starting to gather for a long distance thru-hike! SAFETY GEAR Garmin InReach Mini – $314.99 / Small, rugged, lightweight satellite communicator enables two-way text messaging using the 100% global Iridium network (satellite subscription required). Trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center (satelliteContinue reading “Thru-Hiking Gear”

California Hiking Options For 2020

Big Hikes for the year based on when I have time off: Backpack Zaca Ridge Distance: 3-5 Miles (6-10 Miles roundtrip). Elevation: 2200′ Backpack Ocean View Summit Loop 6 Miles Round Trip – 600 ft gain – Loop Trail Backpack to Duck Lake 8 Miles Round Trip – 1362 ft gain – Out-and-Back Trail BackpackContinue reading “California Hiking Options For 2020”

Trail Marker – Mile 3 – Van Life On The Horizon!

Why A Van? I have finally been doing some traveling in the last year, and after healing from this concussion for 6 years has left me incredibly antsy to be, and to do!! I have really noticed when I am traveling is when I have been the happiest, and when I come “home” (I amContinue reading “Trail Marker – Mile 3 – Van Life On The Horizon!”

Trail Marker – Mile 2 – How To Tackle The Mountains Ahead Of Me

How To Tackle The Mountains Ahead Of Me. I have been thinking a lot about how to get myself into the shape I want to be in. Last year I tried a lot of things, but didn’t keep it simple. This year I want to keep it really fucking simple. I am off gluten, sugar,Continue reading “Trail Marker – Mile 2 – How To Tackle The Mountains Ahead Of Me”

Trail Marker – Mile 1 – Music, Hike, Bike?

Why Music, Hike, Bike? Music… My love for music began when my mother started placing her headphones on her stomach every night when I was just a wee watermelon in her stomach. I can still remember the vibrations, and hear the sounds from the records she used to play. I fell in love the firstContinue reading “Trail Marker – Mile 1 – Music, Hike, Bike?”